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John Neal Award

With the John Neal Award, the EEIM annually honors outstanding accomplishment in the field of solid and liquid electrical insulation materials and systems. The award is open to students who submit original work covering design, testing, application or environmental strategies of electrical machines, systems and apparatus. The value of the prize awarded to the winner is 5,000 EUR.

To compete, each student should submit a synopsis clearly stating the objectives and results of their study. The synopsis is preferred as an electronic document in A4 format, should not exceed four pages, and is to be accompanied by a single-page curriculum vitae of the applicant. Our Award Committee will review all submissions and select the most outstanding work for bestowal of the award. It is our pleasure to present the prize at an award ceremony, which can take place at the winner's institute or at the EEIM annual general meeting (AGM).

John Neal Award 2015 PAPER BY Karsten Backhaus

Karsten Backhaus from the Technical University of Dresden is the 2015 Award winner with his paper:
"Charge Carrier based Conductivity and Breakdown Model for Oil Paper Insulation under High DC Voltage" pdf

John Neal Award 2014 PAPER BY Michael Tenzer

The 2014 John Neal Award went to Michael Tenzer from TH Darmstadt. The paper title: “New types of functionally filled insulation materials” pdf

John Neal Award 2013 PAPER BY Sedat Adili

Sedat Adili from ETH Zürich presented the results of his award winning paper: Theory and Application of Pulsed X-ray Induced Partial Discharge Measurements for HV-Equipment. pdf

John Neal Award 2012 PAPER BY Ivana Mladenovic

The EEIM John Neal Award for 2012 paper presented by Ivana Mladenovic to the Annual General Meeting of EEIM in Berlin on June 25th,2012. pdf


The paper can be downloaded (2 MB) pdf


The synopsis can be downloaded here: pdf

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